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Review of Polar V800

We’re testing a new product for you – the Polar V800 sport tester.

Our first impressions, this watch immediately steal your attention with its blue strap which has a red design line in the middle. This sport tester feels really sturdily. Display in a metal frame is good to read even when it’s sunny and control buttons on the sides allow comfortable controlling.

Before you use it for the first time, it’s important to connect the sport tester to your PC. The watch will automatically redirect you to the Polar website where you can set up your profile, pick your language, and of course your height, weight and date of birth. From these details, the measuring of your daily activity is being unfolded.


In the newly created profile, you can set your favourite sports which you plan to do. It’s possible to add and remove sports mode.

The main screen has five different motives. You can easily switch them with the „up“ button placed on the right side. You can turn on the display with the „light“ button placed on the left side. The visibility of the display is outstanding. You can only use the „light“ button in the dark. On the sides, there are also buttons „start“ and „back“ which are very important for using the watch.

In the main menu, there are seven icons between which you can switch with the „up“ and „down“ buttons on the right side. The icons are: Status, Daily Activity, Calendar, Settings, Tests, Stopwatch, and Favourites. We’ll describe them with more details later on.

In conclusion, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Polar V800 sport tester, thanks to its intuitive manageability and especially its battery life. After six days, the battery is still beyond 50%.

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2 thoughts on “Polar V800 review

  1. Pavla Navrátilová

    Dobrý den, moc prosím o radu. Mám Polar V800. Ve snímači tepu H7 mi asi došla baterie a tak jsem ji vyměnila, ale i tak se mi tep neukazoval. Odstranila jsem tedy párování a i na Polar Flow. Teď mi to ale nejde zpětně spárovat a ani přidat snímač na Polar Flow.
    Poradíte mi prosím?

    1. Zuzka Post author

      Dobrý den, zkuste restartovat všechna zařízení včetně telefonu a zkontrolujte, zda je baterie správně vložena a není vybitá ( i když je nová). Případně zkontrolujte, zda máte vše aktualizované, hodinky i Polar Flow.


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