Polar A360 – heart rate measuring with watch

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Polar A360 – heart rate measuring with watch

After a few days of testing, I’ve prepared a review of Polar A360 smart watch that can scan heart rate from your wrist.

Starting with my first impressions, I was simply amazed with the watch. I haven’t worn such comfortable wristband for a long time, it’s light and it looks great.

Let’s charge it via USB and let’s go.Polar A360

Settings, getting ready to use

As I already have some experience with Polar devices, I know I have to download an app called PolarFlow (available for free on Google Play and Appstore), so I could pair the watch with my phone. The app works via web browser as well. Then I fill out all my personal information like sex, height, weight, age, frequency of my training and some sports profiles. In the app, I can monitor my results, improvements, burned calories, amount of steps, etc.

Smart watch, smart functions

Polar A360 funkce

In order to set up and use smart notifications, you need iOS 7 or newer or Android 5 or newer. With an app called Flow you set that you want to get notifications and it’s finished. Your watch can now show calls, text messages, e-mails, calendar reminders and other notifications through vibrations and announcements on your touch display. Unfortunately, these notifications don’t show up while training.


IMG_20160413_124309 IMG_20160413_124324 IMG_20160413_124350 IMG_20160413_124341First, I tried it out with my personal favourite – running. It’s great that the heart rate is scanned right from your wrist via optical sensor. Therefore I don’t need any chest strap or dedicated heart rate sensor.

The only small disadvantage is the absence of GPS. I also recommend downloading Polar Beat app. It works on the same principal as Endomondo, SportsTracker, or Runtastic. In this app, you can see the elapsed distance and of course other measured details. After the newest update, it also measures distance!

Other sports work as well, the watch is great even for swimming; heart rate is measured without any problems. Throughout the day, the watch monitor your activity, usage of calories, amount of steps and distance, it recommends suitable activities and the intensity of movement, in case you haven’t accomplished your daily goal yet.

In PolarFlow app you can see exactly how many hours you’ve spent by sitting, walking, sleeping and active moving. One small problem is the battery life; when you use all functions, it works for two to three days. However, the charging is easy and quite fast, via USB cable included in the package.

In conclusion, I was excited by Polar A360. It’s comfortable wearing, it’s very light and it looks good. It works great, it doesn’t disconnect from your mobile phone and the transfer and synchronization are automatic and fast.

Polar A360 funkce IMG_20160413_124213 IMG_20160413_124242 IMG_20160413_124346 IMG_20160413_124502

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