Picking a sport tester under $50

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Picking a sport tester under 1500 Czech crowns

When picking a sport tester, you should consider all your needs. However, the most important parameter remains – the price.

Therefore, I’ve prepared this series of articles about picking a sport tester under certain price. Today, we begin with the price tag of 1500 Czech crowns.

We won’t be talking about sport testers from supermarkets or other „lame brands“. We’ll be fully focused on proven brands with warranty and verified functionality.

Also, we won’t be naming all sport testers fitting the price tag, but only on the most interesting models from this particular price category.

The cheapest sport tester in our selection is Sigma PC 3.11. For about $31 you can get a solid, functional sport tester, but with minimum features. You con

Sporttester Sigma PC 3.11 v pěti barvách

Sigma 3.11

trol it with only one button, you can see time, you get stopwatch, heart rate measuring and chest strap. Nothing more or less. So if that’s enough four you, this model is an ideal candidate.

If you aim for balance between price and performance, the winner with a price around $38 is Sigma PC 15.11. It’s the fourth generation of „15s“ and it’s still among the most sold watch in the Czech Republic. In this price category, it offers the most features from all the models. The only competitor for Sigma PC 15.11 can be Beurer PM26.Sporttester Sigma PC 15.11 v mnoha barvách

The biggest advantages of this model are well-arranged display, a lot of features (heart rate measuring, calories, heart rate alarm, lap times, back-light, individual zones of heart rate and others). A small disadvantage is the analog signal transfer from a chest strap to the watch. That should interest you in case you train with other people that use a sport tester. If that’s not your case, it doesn’t really matter. If that is your case, you should pick a sport tester that uses digital signal transfer; it’s encrypted and it doesn’t intervene with signals from other sport testers.

If you, for example, go spinning, the chances are that you’ll meet someone with a sport tester. That’s why instead of picking Sigma PC 15.11 you should cSigma PC 25.10onsider Sigma PC 25.10. It doesn’t have as many features, but the signal transfer is encrypted.

The sport testers mentioned above are good for universal use. It doesn’t matter whether you go biking or running.

Now, let’s get to sport testers with interesting features.

We’ve already mentioned Beurer PM26. It’s a sport tester packed with functions with a good price. However, the most interesting feature that other models in this category don’t have, is fat measuring. After any activity, the PM26 Sporttester Beurer PM 26can tell you how much fat you’ve burned. With this information, the number is not as important as the fact that thanks to fat measuring you can find out which activities burn the most fats. So when you’re trying to lose some weight, you can focus on those activities. The inconvenience of this model is a bit more difficult controlling.

If you swim and you want to measure your heart rate in the pool, you don’t have many options. The problem is that in the water, the signal from the chest strap transfers with big difficulties, and it depends on the frequency used by the manufacturer.

Polar FT1 and Polar FT2 are, Polar FT1like Sigma PC 3.11, one-buttoned with easy controlling. They offer features like heart rate measuring, heart rate zones, time and date, etc. Plus, you can use them when swimming. They can measure in the water without problems. Both the watch and chest straps are waterproof and suitable for swimming.

The last sport tester in this article (but certainly not the last in the whole offer) is Beurer PM15. This simple sport tester is somewhat special, thanks to the fact that it measures without chest strap, which is something that other sport testers canBeurer PM 15 - Měření tepu bez hrudního pásu’t do. Measuring with a chest strap is an unsurpassed technology when it comes to accuracy, but Beurer decided to go with a different way and it offers heart rate measuring with a simple touch of a finger on a special place on the watch.

The problem of this solution is that the measuring takes roughly five to thirty seconds. And since putting your finger on the watch while running is a bit problematic, it’s not suitable for dynamic sports.

Therefore, Beurer PM15 is good for occasional heart rate measuring, for example while hiking or other less dynamic activities, or for people who need to measure their heart rate for medical reasons. Like the man in this movie; he used a Polar watch, by the way.

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