Outdoor watch Ambit3 Peak Black

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After testing several sports watch, I’ve decided to test some outdoor models for change, and I picked Suunto Ambit3 Peak Black. This new model has more features than its predecessor, especially the option of connecting the watch with your smartphone, so you can get notifications on text messages, calls and e-mails.

The connection works on iOS and Android phones, the users of Windows Phone or Blackberry unfortunately don’t have the option.

At the beginning, I was afraid due to its larger size, but I was surprised when I realized it doesn’t really matter. They are comfortable wearing, even for women.

suunto ambit3 peak

The Suunto MovesCount app

In order to connect the device with your smartphone, you have to download an app called MovesCount, because without it the notifications won’t work. It’s easy to use, it gives you some basic information about the training, you can add photos, feelings or share your accomplishment on social media. All your activities are saved here after synchronization with your watch. You can access your MovesCount account via web browser as well, where you can see full records of your training.

The disadvantage is the impossibility of connecting sensors supporting ANT+, you can only use Bluetooth. So, if you have a chest strap or a POD with this technology and you want to buy a newer Ambity, you will have to invest into some more accessories.

The Ambit3 Peak is filled with functions, so I had to read the manual in order to set everything up. Thanks to the manual, it was quite quick and I could go straight to the field.

Sports functions

The watch collect your daily activity throughout the day (as well as a fitness wristband) and of course, your sleep. However, this function is just a little something extra; I wouldn’t buy them just for that because they have many more better gadgets.

I tested them while running and cycling. The watch is very easy to use; you select your sports activity with one button, wait for the connection with a chest strap (or optical heart rate sensor from your wrist) and GPS and you’re good to go. You can display whatever you want to watch – heart rate, speed, distance, time, altitude, etc.

It’s easy to change things during running. Pairing is fast and seamless. The GPS is accurate and a sensitive receiver gets the signal even in some hard to reach places. After you finish training, everything is saved and after synchronization it shows on your mobile phone.

They’ve proven to be successful even on a bike. After a few-seconds-long calibration, I was able to watch excess and aptitude, pressure… The watch also show sunrise and sunset, they announce you if there’s a storm and there’s also a compass. When you take a lunch break, the activity can be stopped and you can continue right where you stopped, in order to complete the training.


The functions

Ambit3 offer many more functions taken from its previous model Ambit2 and they’re tuned to perfection. They measure everything that a good sportsman needs to measure – heart rate, burned calories, time, distance, pace, speed, aptitude, pressure, cadence, temperature and many, many more. A daylong activity monitor and smart notifications are another bonus. The watch is more suitable for outdoor activities, so there’s also navigation, where you can set a route, interesting spots, GPS coordinates and record all of it in a journal. You can chose from many sports activities, e.g. climbing, running, biking, swimming, triathlon, trekking, and indoor. You can adjust everything inside MovesCount web app.

I was pleasantly surprised with its battery life. Other sport testers are able to work for a few hours while using the GPS, while Ambit3 Peak with one second interval can work up to 20 hours, and when casually wearing it, you can use it for several days without charging. Thanks to USB port, you can charge it basically anywhere, even thanks to USB input in your TV.

I like the watch very much, they’re great for daily wearing and you can replace the strap with different color variations, so I can recommend it even for ladies. They work perfectly with smartphones and various sensors that support Bluetooth.

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