Gear for runners

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Gear for runners

What to buy for running?

Everyone who’s serious about sports will soon realize that it’s just not it if you wear casual clothes and normal shoes. Especially if you want to improve without straining joints or cases of hypothermia.

That’s the reason why there’s special clothes and shoes for runners including modern sports watch that can help you record and improve your performance. And because the area of gear and gadgets for runners is wide, we’re going to look at the basic types of clothing and equipment that you should have in your wardrobe or on your hand.

Running shoes

Shoes are the most important part of sports equipment because a good running footwear is responsible for contact of your feet with the ground, the suspension and good movement guiding in every training. Therefore, choosing the right footwear can be rather difficult. When you pick your shoes, you should consider these questions:

  • Where will you run? (terrain, roads, the city, etc.)
  • How well do the shoes fit? (no pressure, not too narrow ones)
  • What type of training do you do? (shorter or longer routes, sprinting, etc.)
  • Quality brand and design (better materiál, safety features, etc.)


Among the most popular brands are running shoes Nike and Adidas. Both specialize on running and they offer both shoes for recreational running and professional use. One of the new models is Nike Flyknit that weights only 160 grams, so you can barely feel it. A final tip; don’t forget about running socks that have special zones for avoiding pressure sores and also better shock absorption.

Running clothes

The second important thing of every runner. The main features the clothes should have are:

  • Keeping you dry
  • Ensuring good ventilation
  • Keeping you warm
  • Helping you improve your performance
  • Offering interesting design and modern technologies

When it comes to running clothes, people usually buy a good running shirt, a good pants/leggings/shorts, and for colder weather even running jacket. Of course, there’s a lot of other options of running clothes, but those listed above are the most important.


While choosing them, thing about the features they should have and the conditions at which you’re going to use them. A running set for summer will look different from a running set for fall.

Both beginners and professionals should also buy a sport tester.

You can choose from many kinds. However, the critical factors for choosing are mostly the price and available features.

We’ve picked three sport testers to consider.

The first one is Sigma RC 1209.

This very popular model will be appreciated mostly by beginners and intermediate runners who look for simple controlling and basic functions like elapsed distance measurement, heart rate, average speed, time, and burned calories.rc1209

The chest strap sensor can be detached and you can measure only your speed and elapsed distance, without the heart rate measurement.

The second model is Garmin Forerunner 15.

This small sport watch record your route, elapsed distance, burned calories, speed, and if you connect the chest strap, then also heart rate, and moreover the exact GPS location. You can connect to on-line training dairy Garmin Connect and track your daily activities.

It belongs to the cheaper category. However, thanks to its features it can compete with more expensive models, not only because of the small size and great battery life, but also thanks to a variety of functions and simple controlling.356735-garmin-forerunner-15

This sport tester is advanced with features for training. Outside the heart rate and distance measurement, calories, time and GPS location tracker, you can set your own trainer that will guide you through your training and you’ll know exactly how intense your training is.

You can plan your training on your own or you can use one of the plans created on-line.

The whole activity can be watched and analyzed after connecting to the app.

puls_monitor_suunto_quest_running_pack_black_1With a USB pod Suunto Movestick Mini, you can connect to your PC and share your results on social media.

If you like to run outside later in the day, we definitely recommend preparing for this „night run“; that means reflective elements on your clothes and some light. We can recommend a headlamp with motion sensor; it works great, you don’t have to switch any buttons, so it’s good for winter when you run with gloves on.

Personally, we recommend having something to defend yourself. Unfortunately, during an evening run, two drunk men came our way and started to insult us. Since then, we run with a pepper spray; you never know when you’re gonna need it. There are even some morning dog owners who don’t use a leash, and several times, a dog ran at us. And the dog owner was nowhere to be found. So, just for use, have a pepper spray with you.


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