Fitness wristband Polar A360 – upcoming product

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Last week, I attended an event called Polar Day. It was a first event of its kind in the Czech Republic from Polar to the distributors where the Swiss leaders of Polar attended.

Besides, we’ve been introduced with a long prepared and secret new product, Polar A360!

Polar A360

POlar A360 black

It’s a great pair of sport watch with a lot of functions, touch display, elegant design and hear rate measurer on the wrist right in the watch!

This fitness wristband is an ideal companion for your whole day. It monitors your daily activities and sleeping, it warns you in case of longer in-actions, thanks to connection with your phone you won’t miss any phone call, text message or calendar notification even during sports activities.

The touch display is easy to use and overall, the sport tester/fitness wristband looks great. Several color variations will be available in different sizes for man and woman.

Polar A360 barvy

Polar A360 barvy

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